Discovering Transits – Saturn transiting through houses

Introduction Saturn is moving through a sign in approx. 2,5 years. It is seen as a cruel planet but the gifts it can give usually last for a long time. In this article I am going to go through the different transits of Saturn through the houses. Saturn Transits - Good and Bad Certain transits … Continue reading Discovering Transits – Saturn transiting through houses

Good dasha v.s Not good dasha through Shastiamsha

A good dasha usually can be seen in the birth horoscope sitting in a favorable house from the lagna, in good dignity and with conjunctions or aspects of manifesting or benefic planets. But also you can look at the dignity of the planet in the shastiamsha.  This will be the most telling in whether or … Continue reading Good dasha v.s Not good dasha through Shastiamsha

Division 60 – Shastiamsha Chart

Throughout my studies with Vedic Astrology I´ve found that the most interesting chart of all is the Shastiamsha, D60. According to Ernst Wilhelm the Shastiamsha is "the roof" of what a planet and rashi can do for an individual. Why is Shastiamsha the most interesting chart in Vedic Astrology? Because it´s the most time-sensitive chart, … Continue reading Division 60 – Shastiamsha Chart

The best nakshatra compatibility doc.

I found some years ago a very good document from an unknown author by googling "jars service nakshatra compatibility", but that does not work any more. The document shows all nakshatras and interpretations for every interaction between all the nakshatras. Very interesting for you who are interested in Astrological compatibility between nakshatras! It seems now though it … Continue reading The best nakshatra compatibility doc.