Division 60 – Shastiamsha Chart

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Throughout my studies with Vedic Astrology I´ve found that the most interesting chart of all is the Shastiamsha, D60. According to Ernst Wilhelm the Shastiamsha is “the roof” of what a planet and rashi can do for an individual.

Why is Shastiamsha the most interesting chart in Vedic Astrology?

Because it´s the most time-sensitive chart, thus it is the most critical. Most people don´t have an accurate birth time – giving an astrologer a hard time to do real accurate prediction, especially if they don´t even look at Shastiamsha.

But IF you have the right time( within two minutes) then you can be really lucky. Because I think it´s really the key to all prediction.

When you have the right birth time, within two minutes, it very the easy to really see how it correlates to the individual.

What do you do if you don´t have the right birth time?

Some people thinks that it is posssible to “rectify” a chart. I think it might be possible, but it might take too much time or energy and it´s not always that easy. I think it might be better to rectify to a certain degree and then be happy with it and read what you can from the D60 and the rest of the charts but have in mind that because of that the time is missing you can never be totally confident in your prediction. It you´re lucky at least you can get the dignities from the D60 and that can give some clues to the whole picture.

What can I look for in the Shastiamsha if I don´t have the accurate time of birth? 

What you can look for in the D60(if you at least know which day and year and where this person is born) is to look at Rahu and Ketu in Shastiamsha. Cause they usually don´t change very much during a day(at least not what I´ve noticed!) and if they do change sign you can choose which feels most accurate. And that should´t be too hard to pick the right one if you have met the person and have some good intuition and knowledge about him/her.

So if you don´t have exactly the right time you can look for Rahu, Ketu and maybe Saturn. Saturn don´t move as often either.

This is very interesting just to start to see what sign Rahu and Ketu are in in the Shastiamsha. Because even if you have an accurate D1 chart, Natal horoscope, Rahu and Ketu usually are somewhere else there than where they are in the Shastiamsha and, in my opinion the Rahu and Ketu gives most clear results from the Shastiamsha, eventhough the D1 positions still should definitely be taking in to account!

If I have the right birth time then?

If you´re knowing of the accurate birth time you´re very lucky! Congrats! If you want to know a little more and want to evaluate a planetary time period, then you could look at that planet in the Shastiamsha and you will understand the “actual” result of the time period, with the cusps also it makes a more piece to the pussle. When you have the cusps you can also find out the 12th pada of your shastiamsha chart and look at it from there.

It will give you so much clearer picture of a persons life if you have the accurate birth time and study the Shastiamsha –  you can´t believe how accurate it is if the time is right!

Most importantly is to use the right kind of software, I put a link at the side bar of the most accurate Astrology Software out there – Kala Software.


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