Homosexuality & Gay Astrology


DISCLAIMER: First of all I want to make clear that this article is not made for people to “spot” and exploit people that might be homosexual etc. Homosexuality has existed in all times and might actually be beneficial for the evolution of human consciousness –  so please be respectful when you´re looking at these stuff and don´t exploit someone that has not come out yet!

I have wondered for some years now what makes a person gay or rather more inclined to same-sex relationships. Searching the web has made me realize that there are not many reliable sources of how to really pinpoint what makes an individual gay or straight through the tool of either western nor vedic astrology.

Recently, though,  I have come across some information that was published in the “studying kala”- yahoo group that I have incorporated into my own research.

I now copy and print what astrology teacher Ernst Wilhelm himself answered as one of his students asked the question on how to see homosexuality through vedic astrology:

“I have had luck with:

 Male Homosexual: neuter or female planets influencing the lagna, male planets influencing the 7th especially when Saturn is afflicting Sun and/or 10th.. Female Homosexual: neuter or male planets influencing the lagna, female planets influencing the 7thespecially when Saturn is afflicting Moon and/or 4th.”

With this I want to adress that neuters are Mercury, Saturn and Ketu, the female planets are Rahu, Venus and Moon and the male planets are Mars, Sun and Jupiter.

With influencing he means conjunction or aspecting (in this case I don´t specifically know if he means Graha aspects or Jaimini aspects). But at the following question on which chart to look at for this he answers:

Just rasi.

Though I researched some more and soon after I found another post with the same question, and to this student he answers:

Start with Rasi(D1), look at D7 for the sexuality, so study 7th house there. Trimsamsa study the first house, as you do in Rasi, to look for neuter planets, Saturn, Ketu and Mercury, which make it easier for a person to be gay if the 7th supports that.”

Even though I think this is the most interesting and probably the most accurate idea of searching for the gay/third gender/homosexual indications I want to add my own research on this, of course using these principles that he shares with his students.

My own studies

Since I am very fond of the Shastiamsha chart I wanted to check these techniques in there because of the differentiation ability through it´s time sensitivity.

What I did was to first look at 1st and 7th house from the lagna of the shastiamsha. When I was not happy with the result I suddenly remembered something I had heard in an interview with Ernst on youtube that you could use the 12 pada (arudha of 12 cusp) in shastiamsha as an “alternative” lagna for the shastiamsha.

And so I did and what I found was that those openly homosexual celebrities that I studied had, either from the lagna of shastiamsha or from the 12 pada in the shastiamsha rahu and ketu in either 1st or 7th house –> homosexual males had rahu in first and ketu in the seventh and for homosexual women they had rahu in the seventh house and ketu in the first. Rahu is a feminine “planet” and Ketu is a masculine/neutral “planet”.

Though these positions were also accompanied by some affliction to Moon(4th house) for women or Sun(10th house) for men as said earlier. I would like to add that a person won´t be homosexual with only Rahu in the first, as a male, or Ketu in the first house, as a female, –  it´s the afflictions of respectively the moon qualities or solar qualities (usually afflicted by Saturn) that confirms it. But there might be other ways this can happen in the shastiamsha, but this was the pattern mostly understood by me bringing this about.

I only posted Shastiamsha for this article because I found it most obviously showing there but there are factors also pointing to this in the D30(1st house) and in D7(7th/Cusp) in both cases as well. Also I´d like to add I am only using rasi aspects for this, because that is what I prefer.

How you calculate the 12 pada

You look at the chart and find out where the 12 cusp happens to be. Count from that sign to where its lord is( i.e. if Aries holds the 12 cusp, then you are looking for Mars since it is the lord of Aries) and then count from the lord the same amount of places away from it. There is the 12 pada.

But if the lord happens to be in the fourth or tenth from the 12 cusp, the 12 pada will be in the fourth from 12 cusp. If the lord happens to be in the first or seventh from the 12 cusp, then the 12 pada will be in the tenth from the 12 cusp.



Sarah Paulson

17 December 1974

23:05  Tampa, FL USA

Explanation: 12 cusp is in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, 12 pada is then Aquarius. As we see Ketu is sitting in Aquarius and the seventh from Aquarius is Leo with Rahu. Thus Ketu is in 1st and Rahu in the 7th giving a neuter/masculine identity and a female partner. What is even more interesting is also that Sarah has Saturn in the fourth house from the ascendant in shastiamsha, but Saturn is also aspecting(through rasi aspects) the 4th cusp where Ketu is positioned. Moon is conjunct Mars and is rasi aspected by Rahu and Ketu.

So in Sarah Paulson´s d-60 chart we have Saturn and other afflictions to Moon/4th house/4th cusp and also Rahu, the female “planet”, is positioned in 7th house from the 12 pada and the masculine/neuter planet Ketu is in the 1st house from 12 pada. Thus we see these pattern Ernst teached about homosexuality in Sarah´s chart.


Kristen Stewart

9 April 1990

09:21, Los Angeles, CA

Explanation: Here we see it even from just looking at her Ascendant in D60. She has Ketu in the first house making her neuter/masculine, and in the Seventh house she has Rahu making her attracted to feminine partners. We also see the fourth cusp is not rasi- aspected by anything(other than Uranus but it is not applicable for this intention) and the Moon,  fourth from ascendant, is rasi-aspected by Mars, Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. So we don´t have any Saturn affliction to the Moon or Fourth house/cusp. Thus It is not completely secured this “yoga” if we would call it that –  either it is something subtle off with the time(changing the cusp), or; this might be the reason for why she has had relationships with both men and women.









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