Transgenderness through Shastiamsha

Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner´s chart

28 October 1949

06:16 AM

Mount Kisco, NY. USA

A look on Transgenderness through Shastiamsha

Looking at the shastiamsha we find what makes Caitlyn transgender according to vedic astrology.

Caitlyn´s acsendant is Aries (the athlete) and we see Venus sitting in the first house, which is the lord of the seventh and second house counting from the Lagna.

If we look at where the Lagna lord is going we find that it goes into the seventh house of Libra. This means there is an exchange of Mars and Venus/first and seventh house/Libra and Aries energy.

The first house is the house mostly linked to self, identity, body and personality of the individual and lays out the path of ones life affecting every now-moment because you take your body/self with you anywhere you go. The seventh house is the primary house for spouse, the opposite sex and the mirroring of the self through others.

The exchange of energy between these two houses creates a merging of one owns body/sex identification with that of the opposite sexes due to Aries lord Mars goes to Libra(Venus – feminine) and Venus goes to Aries  in other words there is much feminine energy influencing the first house.


Venus in the first house makes the otherwise athletic and masculine Aries personality more feminine and the exchange between the seventh and first house is making her feel like a woman rather than a man. Also it seems this combination can make the spouse  more masculine in some ways.

Coming out in April 2015

Caitlyn´s Mahadasha of Mercury had just started 3 months before she came out. Looking at the D1 chart we see that going from Saturns Mahadasha into Mercurys Mahadasha was the primary cause to why she came out when she did.


Going from the Saturn´s Mahadasha with the theme of 11th house(Saturn sitting in the eleventh lord) of ambition, publicity, accumulating popularity and money to that of Mercury Mahadasha with the theme of secrets, isolation, losses and even universal freedom triggered Caitlyn not being able to keep his transgender identity a secret anymore. Mercury is the lord of the eight and eleventh house- thus also indicating taboo issues coming up the surface and coming out to a large group of people through the accumulated publicity.


Caitlyn has gone through some losses due to her coming out but it was really nothing else she could do being triggered by the  new Mahadasha of Mercury, thus creating her new life as a woman.



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