Timing of First Child Birth through the Cards of Truth-system (and some Varshaphala)

The other day I started wondering about how you can see when someone is going to get their first child. So I got interested to start investigate what signs I could spot from looking at first birth of children in the Cards of Truth-system(using Kala Software) studying a group of famous actresses with known birth times.

The result I will present for you here and I found some interesting and some even simple patterns that might tell you when someone is going to give birth to a first child. Also I´d like to add I only use quadrations when it comes to Cards of Truth, no progressions and why is because I find the quadrations much more clear and correct, especially in my own life, but also in these examples that I will show you below.

Also I should add that the birth times and places of birth of each actress I found on internet, on astrotheme , so I don´t know if they’re totally accurate but for what we are going to look at here it´s not very important that they must right on the minute.

So let´s get started unraveling this mystery! I will start presenting the beauty Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts and her first child birth

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts gave birth to her first child at 28/11/2004. As we see Julia was running, in the seven year quadration spread, at age 37 the typical “new love”-card Ace of Hearts holding Rahu and the fifth cusp.

In the age spread of 37 years we see she was running the 10 of Clubs card and this is interesting because her Mercury-card( in her birth spread) is 10 of Clubs and is the one holding Jupiter(child creating planet) in her birth spread. So this card will be important when it comes to children for her.

Also if we look at the 7 year spread again we see the overlaying card of the Ace of Hearts is 8 of Diamonds, which is her Jupiter- card(in birth spread)! And also in age 37 quadration spread the 10 of Clubs´s overlaying card is Ace of Hearts! So we see that these different spreads are co-creating together her for giving her her experience of her first born child.

Now for fun, let´s look at her Varshaphala chart of Age 37:

Julia Roberts 2

Here we are looking for Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati. As we see here both Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati is the Sun and the Sun is sitting in the fifth house of children – thus strongly indicating children/fifth house stuff. Because Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati usually are not the same planet every year –  when they are – they are very crucially indicating something important happening this year that could have to do with the Sun and in which house it sits in. Okey, let´s move on to a wonderful actress Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon´s first child birth

Reese WitherspoonWikipedia tells me that her first child was born 9/9/1990 when Reese was 23 years old. This example clearly show that every thing is tracking back to(as we also saw in Julia´s chart) the queen spread(that is the birth spread). Reese was running 3 of Clubs in the 7 year quadration spread and guess what she was running the same time in the age 23 quadration spread? Yes, also the 3 of Clubs card.

Why is 3 of Clubs an interesting card for child birth in Reese´s case? Well, that´s because the 3 of Clubs is her Mars-Card (the mother´s protective instincts, or the ability to protect the child, is symbolized by Mars) but even more important is that the 3 of Clubs card is holding both Rahu and Jupiter in her birth spread(also ninth cusp – 5 from 5). So it is a very significant card for children for Reese.

Now, for fun let´s look at her Varshaphala of age 23:

Reese Witherspoon 2

Do we see anything interesting? At age 23, in her Varshaphala chart, we find both her Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati is the Moon! Moon for mothering right?:) But it could actually also be symbolizing something else like education or music… But no , look at where Moon sits? In the fifth house! What a surprise huh?:)

Next up my childhood favorite actress from Disney channel(or something) Hilary duff!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

At 20/03/2012, at age 24, Hilary Duff gave birth to her first child. In the 7 year spread she was running King of Clubs holding the Fifth cusp. In the Age 24 quadration spread she was running 8 of Spades, holding Ketu. And, interestingly, holding Ketu 8 of Spades becomes engaged with the Ketu-card in that spread and which is that in the Age 24 quadration spread? Yes… Again. King of Clubs!

So she was basically running King of Clubs both in the 7 year quadration spread and the Age 24 quadration spread. And why is that interesting for us? Well. King of Clubs is her Rahu-Card in her birth spread. Rahu which also creates children. So very clear indications indeed!

Though when I looked at her Varshaphala chart at age 24 I did´nt really see any “clear” evidence or “in your face”- easy combination that would suggest child birth. Eventhough there must have been! But not like the other examples so I will skip the Varshaphala in this example because I don´t want to confuse you. Let´s move on to, one of my favorite actresses from Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross.

Marcia Cross and first two-children- birth

Marcia Cross.jpg

Marcia gave birth at 45 to her first children(twins) in February 2007. In her 7 year spread she was running Queen-spreads Rahu-card(again) 2 of Spades and in the Age 45 spread 9 of Diamonds Which is her Sun-Card in her Birth spread holding Rahu, of course. So both the 7 year quadration spread and the Age 45 year spread pointed greatly toward Rahu, which is a creator of children.

Let´s look at her Varshaphala chart for age 45:

Marcia Cross 2

Here we see the mother´s protective instincts: both Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati are Mars. Also Mars is sitting in the ninth house from the lagna, thus also suggesting children(fifth from the fifth).

The last example will be Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johansson and first child birth

Scarlet JohanssonAt 30/08/2014 she gave birth to her first child and she was, in the 7 year quadration spread running 8 of Spades card, which is the Moon-card of the 7 year spread. Moon in the 7 year spread is sitting in the 2 of Hearts. If we look in the Queen Spread we see that the 2 of Hearts is her natal Mars-card holding, most importantly, her Moon. Also in the Age 29 quadration spread she was running 10 of Clubs and it has the overlaying card 9 of Spades, which is her natal Moon card. So here we see strong correlations to the Moon.

When it comes to Scarlet´s Varshaphala chart for her 29th year I did´nt see that easy combination either that I was looking for for this example so I skip this one as well.


As you understand, there is no such thing as “one pattern for all” to show first child birth. I hope that I in this article have shown you that there can be some different patterns going on when these things happen.

But first child birth in these examples, using the Cards of Truth-system, often required that a card from the birth spread popped up in the spreads running – that was her natal Moon- , Mars- , Jupiter- or Rahu-card, or MOST importantly any of those cards that held their natal Jupiter, Moon or Rahu(especially natal Jupiter-card i.e. card holding Jupiter).

When It come to the Varshaphala chart usually the year´s Varsha Pati and Myntha Pati should helpfully be in the fifth or ninth house from ascendant.

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