How to Astrologically See What a Person is Living

There are many different systems in astrology of predictive techniques and time periods. We have ongoing Transits, Vimshottari (planetary-ruled time periods), Caranavamsa (sign-ruled time periods) and Varshaphala Chart(yearly forecast). Related to Varshaphala is the Cards of Truth-system which can show us, through symbols of nature, what is happening in our time. In this post I will tell you how I have learnt to distinguish the different systems of time.

Here is how I personally see these things work:

Vimshottari  – The building block; setting the “tune” – what is experienced psychologically(emotionally).

Caranavamsa – Concrete physical experience- thus concretely (physical surrounding) telling you what is happening in your life right now. These time period I find very to the point.25b stunning bird (

Cards of Truth – Through symbols of nature(symbolically) accurately showing what is the stage  or season in your life. Since Varshaphala is a small part of the Cards of Truth I include it here, though I experience Varhaphala quite basic in contrast to Cards of truth which is really detailed and has many levels. The Cards of Truth Quadrations are really effective and accurate – and also easy to use in predictive purposes.

Transits – Influencing us right now (acutely). Transits are really the most acute influences to us in everyday life. I would say that Saturn´s transits are the most heavily influencing our being – since Saturn gives the greatest gifts, but also biggest losses.

To conclude we use these different techniques and systems for almost the same purpose even though they are so different. But they do complement each other, so I really think we need to use all of them to get an accurate picture of what a person is living.

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