Ted Bundy through The Cards of Truth and Vedic Astrology

Today I will look at Ted Bundy´s D-60 Chart in the Cards of Truth Software and through the eye of Vedic astrology as well.

My intention of this reading is to present what made Ted the person he was and what motivated his brutal actions in life. This is also a reading I think that can be correlated to other psychopathic criminals in astrological studies.

The time and place of birth of Ted Bundy you can find on him on Astrotheme.com.


Short Summary:

What one could correlate to psychopathy and his behaviour in his charts:

  • In D-1 Fifth house holds THREE malefics and then Moon is put in there into the bunch – alot of malefic influences on romance-life and his mind(moon). Prefering violence and needing( Moon) violence/extreme heat. Moon is on the highest degree of this conjunction, meaning it is his mind ( which is very negatively affected) that chooses the actions of the other planets in that house(romantic house). It is like driving drunk and hallucinated at the same time, feeling need for outbust of the inner turmoil and heat.
  • Moon and Jupiter debilitated in the most important chart D60.
  • In D-60 Exalted Sun burning/sacrificing Venus in Seventh house, Mars supporting making it even more so bringing passion to it.
  • All Black Cards and No red Cards in his birth spread(mostly spades- being very self oriented).
  • Having Mental illness Yoga:Birth on Saturday or Tuesday, or in the hora of Mars or Saturn, the Sun and the Moon in the 9th, 5th, or 1st and Jupiter in the 3rd or an angle indicates one fickle minded like a mad cap.
  • Him being overly passionate and strong willed -almost all planets in Mars sign in D60.
  • Him having Rahu in the eight house in D60 – meaning he will engage immaturely in dark/taboo/dangerous things.
  • Him being very oriented to managing the tougher side of life(as shown by Queen of Spades) and ascendant in D60 cards of truth chart 7 of spades, the Tower card in tarot – destruction somehow very important feature of who he is.
  • The Majority of his planets are in Demon- Nakshatras, shown in birth chart D-1.
  • Him having only malefics rasi aspecting his first house(brain/body/personality). His Ascendant in D-1 being in a very violent/dangerous degree of Leo, with Pluto and Saturn also rasi aspected by illusions ( Neptune).



So, with the planets arranged according to his Shastiamsha chart (D-60) here we immediately see that Ted Bundy has no red cards with any planets or with any of the important points (like ascendant or 10th cusp). Having his planets and points in only black suit cards is making him very action oriented and self interested and not a very receptive person. Only black cards and none of the red suits like Hearts (devotion/love/feelings/sweet things) or Diamonds (concrete/secure/grounded things) can make great holes in a person´s life. We see his most occupied suit is the Spades, being of fire and dealing with the self. I would say that only black cards, and mostly that of the hardest and most self interested suit of Spades, is the great first clue to the psychopathic/narcissistic tendency of Ted Bundy.

Born on the day of 9 of Hearts-card, we can see his Ecliptic Card is Four of Hearts thus meaning he is on a path of becoming emotionally secure within himself. Though the 10th cusp is placed in 2 of Clubs on the Saturn-Card placement which makes the path more into dealing with things that are doomed to be destroyed, crisis – and with this 2 here, he would try to educating himself in order to save himself from when things fall apart. But since 2´s are not very productive in the Saturn position we see that there will be disappointment and lack in this strategy and it might not help to work things out, save him from dealing with these losses. There would be difficulty with surrendering to the destruction of things and to letting it go to move forward.

In the Two of Club he also has Mars, Saturn and Jupiter –  relating his path to the Mars- Card(how he deals with struggles); Queen of Spades, and the Jupiter-card(Letting opportunities slip away, things averted, teaching of right and wrong); Nine of Diamonds. Most interesting is of course the Mars-Card since it holds his personal planets.

If we look at the Mars-Card we see that it is the Queen of Spades, a card known for being the cruelest of the Queens and it could indicate a cruel woman which is very focused on survival – not allowing for any distractions. The Queen of Spades is also said to make hard decisions and not being concerned with validation from others (pretty anti-social). Spades are not easy cards and here he has almost all his planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in this cruel, uncaring, bone-hard and survival-focused Queen card. Also it holds the Seventh cusp of partnerships/death and Ketu.  He has also most of his planets in Mars-signs – which might have made him overly passionate, sexually indulgent.

So that will tell us that he builds his kingdom by being a manager of survival in difficult situations, having to do with survival psychologically or physically (spades). Also we see that his early life experiences was of this nature as having Moon here and he will remain the balance in his life through this kind of mindset. Since his Atmakarka Mercury is in this card it is just one more clue that his “career” would have this kind of energy (or what he is known for). Venus, indicating women or what he loves to do, is also placed here suggesting he is passionate about and attracted to managing survival-type hardships together with women/the partner.

Since Ketu sits in this cluster of planets we see he had the charming Salesman´s energy (due to Jack of Diamonds being in the Ketu Card-position) in him as well while building his kingdom, managing/balancing his life, dealing with struggles and also to meet women and even to promote himself and Queen of Spades is really in a strong position in the Mars- position – because it is giving him great will-power(which one ultimately needs in order to take someone´s life) and gives him victory over those things that would rob him of his fulfilment of the Queen of Spades Card.

His Ascendant is in the Seven of Spades-card holding Pluto, Uranus and Rahu. This is making for a very unique/peculiar personality, thought process, having the traits of a chameleon (Rahu) and being eccentric and kind of a inventive initiator (Uranus), and he was secure in his skills, but also holding the Power of Destruction(Pluto). Being immature and not familiar with how to let go of the ego-needs in order to achieve the greatest happiness –  in the same time being born with not know who one is (Rahu in first house) – the development of self might have been difficult to balance with that lesson of also being egoless(which Ted Bundy never could have become anyways) in the same time. The ego might sometimes be wrongly mistaken for the self.

The Seven of Spades overlaying card is Eight of Hearts (letting go of being a victim of emotional crisis/relational breakup, being fulfilled within one self and knowing that the outside reflects the inside), just as his Pluto card is Eight of Hearts. And Pluto himself is sitting in that Ascendant card giving this a huge hang-up of being ego shredded by the emotional crisis/relationship breakup, but he couldn’t “loose” in his mind. And loose in this sense is not just simply “letting go” for him, rather to “die”. Seven of Spades also hold the symbol of falling and having your comfort totally destroyed not being able to save it or self from it(the tower) and needing to let things go.

Also looking at his Rasi chart much cruelty is seen towards his Moon (in D-1 he has Moon in fifth house with Ketu, Sun and Mars) making his mind unbalanced/hostile. Also he had his Ascendant in the 25 degree of Leo, which is said to be particularly violent degree, with Saturn( which in Leo first house can give some narcissistic features). Also in D-60 we see he has a debilitated Moon and Jupiter – making the mind having a really hard time to relate to the world and not being able to understand the broader picture of life – thus falling into the wrong path. Also in relationships he had Sun and Venus together in Seventh house – having to sacrifice relationships in his life. Sun is being exalted (Overly confident) and Venus being combust/burned by it. There could thus be disappointments with women and even though he needed to let those things go, he could not because he was so overly passionate having many planets in mars-signs.  Instead of learning to be a greater person he started to sacrifice women in his life. Also he has at least one mental disorder yoga in the D1 of being fickle minded like a mad cap, which he also expressed in his life.




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