Astrology is Easy – If you have the Exact Time and an Accurate Calculation Software

curiosita_scientifiche_orologio_2_01In this post I want to explain why I usually look at the Shastiamsha for my studies and why I always intend to reach the Shastiamsha. The reason for this is because it is so much easier to see these obvious things about an individual with the Shastiamsha because this chart is the closest the individual you will get and also the confirmation of everything and all.

Even twins live different kind of lives and they usually have some minutes between them- how do you explain that with only the Rasi chart etc.? You can´t. That´s why I really like looking at the Shastiamsha mostly.

But often the Shastiamsha is actually off because exact time, on minute, is so crucial. But then I use to think – what is the most typical with this individual? Then I understand that if this is the most obvious with this person, then it must show in the Shastiamsha – because it is the closest to the individual. And how does it show? Well, then you must understand the meaning of the planets and it´s kind of actually enough with the basic Ideas of the planets to make some basic sense of the Shastiamsha. That´s what I feel at least.

As I told already I am not a big fan of “rectifying” charts. If you have an actual birth time on the minute and you feel something is off then maybe you can go one-two minutes back and forth looking what happens and how it suits the individual, but because there is so much that moves so quickly in Shastiamsha going from “no clue” of when a person is born during the day to “exact and precise minute” is almost impossible(this is my opinion but if you want an rectification you can try to pay someone doing it but I don´t think they will get it right).

When “rectifying” – some things with an individual can be felt through the other divisional charts as well, or activated by other charts as well, so it is not totally trustworthy. For instance – if you look at a person and would “guess” their ascendant, sometimes you will be right maybe you find out the ascendant of the Rasi chart,  but when you guess do you guess the ascendant of the Rasi or Shastiamsha? Just a thought! But sometimes they are the same though so that would be good.

But with that said the most Obvious things about this Person will be very easily shown in the Shastiamsha if the time is right and calculation is correct.

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