Killer Astrology – David Berkowitz

After watching Bailey Sarians Weekly Murder Mystery Makeup Monday- youtube video on David Berkowitz I found my self interested to investigate what made him do murders.

Here Is what I immediately noticed as I looked through his chart( time and date of birth I found on Astrotheme).


  • Rahu in conjunction with 4 cusp/house – Mother issues.
  • Rahu in close conjunction with Moon  – Mother issues.
  • This conjunction in Sravanna – Moon ruled.
  • The Moon is also the Darakarka (spouse planet)
  • Mercury in close conjunction with Mars in a Stellium where Mars is in the “lead” ( it having the highest degree) – Organizing, testing and thinking Mars intentions(Blood/weapons/aggression/passion/revenge)
  • Mercury and Mars in Mrigasira the “hunter”(forest dweller – hunting knife etc) in the 8th house of the taboo/death/physical and psychological trauma/dark/transformation house.
  • Venus Atmarkarka in Ashwini(fiery), Aries 6th house of disease/enemies and the Rahu Moon conjunction Jaimini aspecting it from the 4th – the self is very affected by the abandonment of the  mother(it is a very vital part of him/always with him)
  • Saturn in the 12th house – Having difficulty with sleeping/letting go of things
  • Swati ascendant(scorpio) – Rahu-(Swati) and Mars(scorpio)- ruled
  • Moon in fourth- usually good (showing the affection of the adoptive parents) but because of Rahu conjoining closely the damage is already done(the birth mother abandoned him)
  • Starting murders when Rahu time-period run


  • Atmarkarka Venus conjunct Rahu in Libra – character is Rahu-like (obsessed) and having addictive tendencies.
  • Sun  conjunct Ketu  – Loss of Father from the start.
  • Sun in Aries with Jupiter and Ketu  – overly confident(exh Sun) and self interested/competitive/self rightous.
  • Mars in Capricorn – Mars in exhalted(very strong).
  • Ak is in the 11th – eventually being visible to us(if he was not we would not know about his case, giving him a little “Fame)”.
  • Moon in 12th from the Ak – Loss of mother confirmed.

Conclusion: I found many interesting astrological points pointing toward a revenge-driven person(Mars). Also clear signs of obsession(Rahu) and mother issues(moon). Also the strong mars and Sun in D60 show the typical personality of a self centered person with lack of empathy character.

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