Accurate Palmistry Mapping

I have been interested in the occult ever since I was a child. One of the things I did stumble upon early on was the art of Palmistry. I found it interesting that there was hidden wisdom of our hands and how it could reflect our beings and lives but the books I did have only mentioned it briefly and there was not much more to it than that.

By searching Palmistry online I did just get to that “end zone” of that old messy palmistry map that has been flying around for decades where the planets are all over the hands and fingers – making no sense to me just feeling totally overwhelming. That map is the primary reason why I just skipped that chapter in my occult studies because it did just throw me out and there was limited sources were available.

After having learned a lot more about numbers and planets and how it does correspond in every way to our existing lives including the counting of the week days and how there is a natural flow to things I have stumbled upon it in my mind again the art of palmistry or rather the mapping of the hand. This map that someone – who? – made some hundred years ago should be upgraded to the more refined and accurate teachings of the planets that is out there.

It was not actually that long ago that I did read something in TCM(traditional Chinese Medicine) or if it was Ayurveda – that it is good to eat with your fingers/hands because it activates your meridians/senses/fingers which I always was taught as a child that you should rarely do – instead use your knife and fork. I guess mostly this comes from the fact of If your not having cleaned hands the use of clean tools are a rather healthy and logical option to keep your health. If your hands are clean however I feel eating with your hands should be encouraged.

In a medical sense it is crucial in our society to start to highlight how reflexology and activation of ALL our senses can also help restore our bodies/health/sanity. Our bodies are great carriers of energy and when a channel is off it can make a lot of unnecessary suffering. The different meridians(energy channels) directly impacts the the health of all our organs and thus our mood, but also the quality of life we experience. If we our selves know these things we can help our selves – the control are in our own hands(hands*:P) of helping our selves to better health and satisfaction in life.

Eating and making crafts with your hands would be good for health because it will be activating all your five senses(five fingers) and will stimulate your system to connect with the food on all levels( not only the physical level as when it gets digested but also on an etheric level)- being aware of, befriend and recognizing the foods spirit/etherical body will help us absorb and benefit more from the nutrients which it holds and being more pleased and thankful for it as it physically becomes one with our body.

That way of eating is quite powerful and that is why I at least always have found eating with my bare hands has been a much more pleasurable experience. Look at the babies for example – they have a total party messing around their plates!:)

Accurate Palmistry Mapping ( My suggestion)

Thumb – Will/determination/Sight – Mars – 3

Index finger – Incorporation/support/flexibility/communication/Smell – Mercury – 4

Middle finger( or the fuck you finger:P ) – Standing tall/generosity/wisdom/ evolution/expansion/Hearing – Jupiter-5

Ring Finger ( yes Marriage indicated already) -relationships/harmony/compromises/comfort/Taste – Venus – 6

Little Finger( the less usable finger) – Cricked/in need of support and in support(like pets/animals or elder relatives)/Touch – Saturn – 7

Does this make sense to you? Feel free to comment and discuss! To me this makes a lot of sense. I included here only the 5 starry planets, in the accurate order of counting from thumb to little finger and excluded the luminaries Sun and Moon. Because we are not luminaries we are starry:P.

In fact I believe the more we connect/or feel the energy of a specific finger the more likely you are having your channel of that meridian used/good shape while the opposite then also would be true. A tip is you feel you nee stimulation you can pinch every finger tip to activate flow and also pinch in the space between and at the base of the fingers.

Also this topic is also connected to the Mudras( which I unfortunately yet have explored) but I guess there are a lot to weave on with that.

Hope this helps and that you likes this post. I might be putting up a drawing in a later stage but as of the moment I just wanted to get this off my chest and share it with you all!

Thank you and take care!


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