Why Astrologically Free Britney Movement is gives its Effects Now

The singer and songwriter Britney Spears which I have been a fan of growing up has been in a conservatorship in the last 13 years but has with her brilliance and talents brought huge material wealth to her estate acting in a slavery-type situation being controlled and run by mostly her father. 

Britney’s fans have been vocal about her allegedly being drugged up in slavery position for many years but Britney has not been able to stand up for herself until now. Why now?

In this article I am going to do my best explaining the timing of her re-entering her life and what makes her finally has speak up for herself.

Divisional 60 chart ( Shastiamsha) with Birth chart in the middle and Table of the planetary periods – Below:

The conservatorship started during Jupiter dasha.  Jupiter is about expansion and sitting in the second house with the significant degree of 1 degree in scorpio – it is in pretty good shape. It gives a period of life focused on the responsibilities and accumulating money for emmediate material needs AND its family – providng for close friends and family.

Looking at the Shastiamsha the same planet Jupiter is debilitated in the eleventh (fame/dreams/popularity/ excessive wealth) house from ascendant, opposing a debilitated mars in cancer(fifth). Saturn is making an exchange with Jupiter in the tenth and eleventh house from the ascendant Pisces which is holding exhalted(very strong) Venus – Beauty, luxury, comfort, poetry and dance . Jupiter is her Ascendant lord and thus a very important planet leading her life.

Especially benefic planet Jupiter debilitated is not a “doom” – any debilitated planet is not a doom! But what happens is it gives alot of struggle to be able to “heal” or redirect the pure energy of the planet. Meaning Jupiters qualities of wisdom, expansion, the higher perspective and teachers/mentors/psychologists is not centered in the nurturing and in the heart (which would be in Cancer where Jupiter would be exhalted) but in the dry and disciplined sign of Capricorn(the dad/authority) which is more focused on expanding and creating wealth from outside which makes everything ruled by Jupiter ( like wealth/wisdom/expansion/children/cocreation/teachers) run by a very materialistic(“satanic”/dull/crippled/Saturn-like) view point.

Mars Debilitated shows that the mothers ability to protect her was not very strong. And this is even the case with Britney´s mom Lynne. She knew about the abuse going on but was not able to protect her from it. Though Moon (the lord of cancer) is aspecting (through rasi aspects) cancer so she will eventually regain ability to support her daughter to make these changesand to protect her( as we have seen she has begged the judge for Britney to have her own lawyer and it has given its effect). Also Jupiter and Mars Both being debilitated in opposition to each other makes these debilitations less harmful/ makes for a partly cancellation of the negative possibility that could have been the outcome here- I see her win this battle eventually.

Also interestingly Britney has her Atmarkarka in the Nakshatra of Uttarashada – The later victorious. Meaning that in the long run she will be the victorious one – which is promising when analysing the out come of this imprisonment.

But back to the time periods – Reason why the effect is coming now from the free Britney movement is because Britney has been entering a new dasha(timeperiod) – which is the Saturn time period(see table). And Saturn is not debilitated in shastiamsha– so it is a new switch for her starting to come in.

These last years has been tough on her; Saturn has been transiting over her moon which is said to be one of the most difficult transits of Saturn (transits of Saturn over 1st house , Moon and Sun are very life changing transits). Also with Moon in the Fifth house and the transiting Saturn is about creative halt also would indicate children has been hemmed( which is also been talked about her not being free to procreate) since Saturn entered aqua(house of love and children) she has probably the last years been more denied access to her children and in shining and doing what she loves.

So my thought is that as Saturn has removed itself fully from Aquarius(her Moon sign) and entered Pisces the process is probably done to free herself. By then the storm will have calmed down a lot – probably she will need to continue on to tend to her health and to heal her wounds – but at least the turmoil of this mess of the conservatorship will have ended or at least turned around in the way that is more in the line of Britney’s wish. Maybe she needs a helper but not in the form of imprisonment or a conservatorship and I definitely thing this is where it is heading. Britney will have had her victory paid out by Saturn hitting up with Pisces is my theory.

When switching time periods the effect of the new ruler might slowly start kicking in some months before it takes over and that is why it is all playing out now very powerfully.

Hope this article was informative and that it has brought some insight into the situation.

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