Hi! My name is Frida and I created this website inspired to share thoughts and views on Vedic Astrology as a science.

I have studied astrology since the end of my Ketu dasha and still through my ongoing Venus dasha(having Venus in the eight house I am naturally passionate about these things).

To me Astrology is an interesting way of viewing time, space, life and humans. My thoughts wander towards astrological techniques, Cards of Truth, Nakshatras, Dashas and how it all takes place in our lives and is creating our consciousness and unique ways of living/experiencing and manifesting our lives on earth, or if it really is? 🙂 To the skeptics.

To make it clear  I want to tell you that this blog is not made to give any “definite” preaches about how to study astrology, I just wanted to share my studies of these occult sciences with you fellow astrology students and maybe we can help each other open our senses and understand more together!

I hope this will be as interesting to you as it is for me and maybe you will get to know some new perspectives or new ways of thinking when it comes to understanding the power of the planets. 🙂

Best Regards