First Child/Pregnancy Resulting in First Child/ in Female Charts through Transits


As I have become older and soon turning 29(in just some days actually!:D) I, like many women my age, have started to long for having a family. It is this biological clock that has had me interested in finding out what is showing first child birth or first pregnancy that results in birth of a child through Vedic Astrology and I have already made an article of it through Cards of Truth system and Varshaphala, but this time I am going to look at it from the transits point of view and with the help of some astrological rules.

So I will share with you these last days studies on mostly Transits, which I have not been so keen on studying before because there is always so many transiting happening in so many ways, all the time and it is so hard to hold track of them all, which can be quite overwhelming frankly speaking.

Also even after these hours studying I now feel it would be impossible only to look at transits for establishing a prediction of the exact time over a whole life span of the first pregnancy resulting in child birth. Because not only are transits essential, especially for conception and they are the most acute influences to our lives but also are the dasas of Vimshottari and Caranavamsa of importance because they need to support the transits in this matter. I may write another article solely on Dasas and pregnancy, but for now let´s keep to the transits said showing conception.

I will publish the results of the example study I´ve done below and I have mostly focused on the recipe from on conception. I would have posted a link to the article if it only was´nt so that somehow I could´nt visit their website from my computer, but only on my Iphone(?). So use google if you want to read the article, from your smartphone. Anyways, let´s get started!

Transits and the Planets of pregnancy

So firstly, let´s go through the planets to look for in transits during conception. These planets are the transiting Mars, Saturn, Moon and Jupiter. Here comes the explanation of why these planets are considered:

Jupiter is the producer of life, thus of children and it rules the conception and rules the liver and umbilical cord through which the fetus is feed(Jupiter is exhalted in Cancer). Jupiter also rules the instrument of thought- the brain. Jupiter also represents the spiritual wisdom that one reaches through breathing and breathing is also the first kind of life giver as leaving the womb as an infant. Because the first thing a baby does as it is born is taking it´s first breath- that breath is Jupiter –  the life giver. Also the lungs are the last organ that develops in the fetus while the anus is the first organ being developed (Saturn).

Why especially Mars transits are highlighted according to Vedic Astrology in conception is probably because Mars is connected to the mothers protective ability and a mother´s protective instinct. This  is why I believe Mars to be correlated to the womb or the egg that is about to be fertilized. The egg gives the protective barrier which can also be in a non-physical form of barrier as the child has been born – the aggressive behavior the mother gives off if someone is threatening their child. Also I believe the female reproductive system is connected with this planet because it bleeds and blood is associated to Mars. Since Venus is connected to sperm, the male part of reproduction, and dna one would suggest Mars has to do with female counterpart. So when we think of it this way, Venus transit is probably pretty important for conception as well(though it is not stated in the recipe on! .

The Moon, like Mars, is of high importance of these transits giving conception due to it´s being linked to the nurturing side of mothering, like nutrients and moisture/water( all living organisms are built upon and through water) and the breast milk. That´s why debilitated Moon can make the mother lack of breast milk to nurture her baby. I have a personal experience on this one from someone I know- she got her first child in 2017 and her baby is born with Moon Debilitated(Moon in Scorpio) in natal chart and I found out later that she(the mother) had in fact had a really hard time breastfeeding/giving and producing breast milk for her baby. This is of course a hard thing to experience for any newly become mother psychologically and if being in nature the baby would not have been able to survive(thank good for the breast milk substitutes)! In the fetus state the baby is feed nutrients through the mothers body directly through umbilical cord(Jupiter), and the fetus is surrounded by water inside the womb. So this is why Moon should be close to the first house, Fifth or Ninth house and considered at conception.

Saturn is correlated to children in the way that children are a discipline and a responsibility- Saturn is giving blessing after a long time, meaning children are not able to take care of them selves until many years down the road – so Saturn´s transits show a long term commitment of ninth and fifth house matter(bhavat bhavam – children). The pregnancy is also a long term commitment/process that will, with time, give it´s fruit when baby is delivered 9 months later.  The anus is the first organ developing in a fetus(root chakra and Saturn) as said earlier and every other organ follows the anus, so this is also why Saturn´s transits are very critical for looking at conception.

Also of importance are the Fifth house of children, Ninth house of children (bhavat bhavam) and also Seventh and the First house too. Now let´s look at the actual transit.

The Transits for Conception/Pregnancy:

  1. Transiting Mars needs to aspect Fifth or Ninth house, or their Lords/Cusps.
  2. Transiting Saturn needs to aspect both Ninth and Fifth house or their Lords/Cusps
  3. Transiting Moon needs to be close to the First, Fifth or Ninth house (Fifth house especially for conception and Ninth and/or Fifth for birth)
  4. Transiting Jupiter need to aspect or conjoining Fifth house or Fifth lord/Cusp
  5. Fifth or Ninth house lord transiting over First house
  6. First house lord transiting over Fifth or Seventh house

I think that the 1-4 points are most important but  I also would like to add that I´ve been using firstly conjunctions and oppositions of the transiting planets, but also the ordinary graha aspects of the planets( Jupiter – 5-7-9 from it, Saturn – 3, 7, 10 from it, Mars – 4, 7, 8 from it and Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus – 7th from it). Secondly, if no other aspect is found, I´ve looked at rasi aspects(Dual signs aspects each other; Movable signs aspects Fixed except the one to side of it; Fixed signs aspects Moveable except from the one to the side of it). Now let´s get to the examples!


Reese Witherspoon

To the right is the day when she gave birth to Ava Witherspoon in Santa Monica 9/9/1999(birth time unavailable). To the Left is Nine months earlier.

(Disclaimer: I checked nine months before giving birth because I had nothing else to go on – so you´ll have to excuse some minor errors in this way and this is also for the rest of the charts.)

Transits that I spotted from looking at the time nine months earlier:

  • Transiting Mars (in third) opposite Ninth house, also opposite Sun(First house lord+dasa lord) and Jupiter (Fifth house lord)
  • Transiting Saturn in Ninth house, conjunct natal Jupiter (AK and Fifth house Lord)
  • Transiting Jupiter(in Eight) graha aspecting natal Mars(Ninth house Lord)
  • Transiting Moon opposite to Natal Jupiter(Fifth house Lord)
  • Transiting Sun(Lagna lord + dasa-lord) in Fifth house
  • Transiting Rahu in First house

Transits of time giving birth:

  • Transiting Mars Exactly Conjunct Fifth Cusp
  • Transiting Jupiter conjunct by 5 degrees(though overlapping to next sign) Natal Jupiter(Fifth house lord)

Angelina Jolieangelina jolieHere we have again to the right is Giving Birth Date for her first biological child, Shiloh and to the left is nine months earlier from that point.

Transits that I found at the time nine months earlier:

  • Transiting Mars(in eleventh) opposite to Fifth house
  • Transiting Saturn rasi aspecting natal Mars, Moon and Jupiter(Fifth lord, First and Ninth lord)+ graha aspecting transiting Mars(Fifth house lord)
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Mars(Fifth house lord)
  • Transiting Moon in Cancer First house

Transits found at time of giving birth:

  • Transiting Mars in Ascendant
  • Transiting Jupiter in Fifth house

Julia Roberts

julia roberts

To the left is nine months before  and to the right is Giving Birth-date.

Transits found at the time of nine months earlier:

  • Transiting Mars Opposite Fifth cusp(at eleventh cusp)
  • Transiting Saturn in Exact Opposition to Mars(Fifth lord) + graha aspecting Jupiter which is Ninth house ruler
  • Transiting Jupiter graha aspects Mars(Fifth lord)
  • Transiting Moon conjunct First house

Transits found at time of giving birth:

  • Transiting Mars in Fifth house
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite Saturn(Seventh house lord)in Fourth house in Libra, where the Lord of Libra, Venus is transiting conjunct Transiting Mars over the Fifth House
  • Transiting Saturn on Ascendant

Anonymous 1


To the right is the delivery date, to the left is nine months earlier.

This is a chart of someone I know who is not famous, but is a good example anyways.:)

Transits I found on the time of nine months earlier:

  • Transiting Mars in First House graha aspecting Saturn and the Fifth cusp(Saturn being the Fifth house lord).
  • Transiting Saturn conjunct Fifth Cusp opposite Venus(Ninth Lord) and graha aspecting Lagna.
  • Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Ninth Cusp + graha aspecting Saturn, Fifth house lord.
  • Transiting Moon Opposition to Natal Jupiter(lord of Fifth cusp), near Ascendant and rasi aspecting Fifth house.
  • Lagna lord(+ puk from 8 karaka scheme) transiting Mercury opposite transiting Jupiter + natal Sun(ak + dasa lord)
  • Ninth lord Venus( two weeks earlier than just 9 months back) transiting Lagna.

Transits found at time giving birth:

  • Transiting Mars in Seventh house
  • Transiting Jupiter in Ninth house
  • Transiting Moon Conjunct First house

Anonymous 2

anonymous_2As always left is nine months before, right is the delivery date.

Transits found at nine months earlier:

  • Transiting Mars in First House conjunct natal Venus and Mercury(Fifth and Ninth Lord)
  • Transiting Saturn graha aspecting both the Fifth Cusp and the Ninth house
  • Transiting Jupiter graha aspecting the Fifth Cusp and natal Saturn(First house lord) and conjunct natal Moon(Seventh house lord + dk).
  • Transiting Moon being in/near the First house

Transits at the time of giving birth:

  • Transiting Mars in Seventh house
  • Transiting Jupiter graha aspects Fifth Cusp
  • Transiting Moon almost exactly opposite Fifth Cusp

Results of these examples and their transits:

Conception happened when:

  • Transiting Mars in First house( and aspects to Fifth or Ninth house lord) Or transiting Mars being in Eleventh or Third house(opposite to Fifth and Ninth house).
  • Transiting Saturn seem to be placed, in these examples, in Ninth house conjunct Fifth lord, graha- or rasi- aspecting both Ninth and Fifth Cusps/lords or houses or Conjunct Fifth House/Cusp graha aspecting Ninth Lord/House/Cusp. 
  • Transiting Jupiter seem to be graha aspecting Ninth or Fifth house lord, or be conjunct Ninth cusp and aspecting Fifth lord, or conjunct or graha aspecting Fifth, First and Seventh lord.
  • Transiting Moon in Ascendant or near Ascendant, and/or opposite to Fifth house lord or Fifth Cusp or Fifth house Cusp.

The giving birth happened when:

  • Transiting Mars in Fifth house or conjunct Fifth cusp, in First house or in Seventh house.
  • Transiting Jupiter in Fifth house, conjunct Fifth house lord, aspecting Fifth Cusp,  in the Ninth, the dispositor of transiting Jupiter transiting the fifth house. With these also some aspect correlation to Seventh and First.

Last Words and Discussion

As we see almost immediately all these transits becomes quite overwhelming to keep track on but to briefly sum it up what I put to notice regarding the conception and birth transits was the travel of Mars from being in Eleventh, Third or First house at conception in the charts, to end up at the Fifth house, conjunct Fifth cusp or in the Seventh house at the actual delivery date. Beware though that this is only proven for these charts that I have chosen to study and also that it might note be entirely accurate of conception date since I just took the time back nine months while usually it might differ to some extent.

I have studied some more charts than the ones posted here and I found alike tendency’s of Mars traveling from Eleventh to First house from conception to Delivery or Third to Fifth. But also we saw Mars can be traveling from First to Seventh house. There I also could see this transit linked to dasas that also was supporting conception. So this Mars – transit might be a tool for actually predicting pregnancy – where do mars start and where does it end within nine months? But as said of course to make an accurate prediction we also need to confirm with the other transits and the ongoing dasas and the person if she really wants to get pregnant!

Unfortunately I felt the article would get too long( if it already is not too long) if I´d bring up the dasas (because there are stuff there that I noticed that is also of importance!). But we will see, maybe I will write a part three on this subject. Hope this helps bring you some clarity!


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